Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 , One UI 2.0, security updates Verizon and US Unlocked

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is never again the most recent Galaxy Note gadget in the market since it has been prevailing by Note 10 and Note 10 Plus handsets. However, it’s still right in the blend for security and OS refreshes the same. The gadget will get Android 10 update. However it has descended the pecking request now. On this page, we examine every one of the updates the device has gotten on different bearers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), including the month to month security patches, and furthermore all that you have to think about the Android 10 Note 9 update.

Most recent news

September 27, 2019:

Build CSI1 conveying September update is likewise accessible for the Verizon Note 9 and US Unlocked Note 9 while the T-Mobile and Sprint Note 9 stay forgot about right now.

Sep 19, 2019 Update:

The update for the AT&T Note 9 is currently accessible. It comes as programming adaptation N960USQU2CSI1, and tips the scales at about 267MB, AT&T says. The September update was at that point available for the Global variation throughout a previous couple of days, as to form N960FXXU3CSI3. Other than the month to the month security fix, nothing else is by all accounts some portion of the update as affirmed by clients here.

September 03, 2019:

The August security update is presently additionally accessible for the US Unlocked Galaxy Note 9 variation, landing as programming form CSH2 and saying something about 691MB.

August 23, 2019:

The following massive update from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 9 will be One UI 2.0, as this will be founded on Android 10, and will likewise improve Samsung’s One UI from 1.0 to 2.0. Today, the update, still in the beginning time of advancement, was spilled on the web. Look at this article where you can get a look at Samsung’s One UI 2.0 OS on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

August 19, 2019:

The August security update is currently accessible for the T-Mobile and Verizon models. The update improves the Android security fix level of the gadget to August 1, 2019. The full programming rendition of the August update for the Note 9 handsets in the US is N960USQS2CSGB or CSGB in short.

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Galaxy system Note 9 Android 10 update.

  • Note 9 is qualified for Android 10
  • It will get the update after Galaxy S10 arrangement and Note ten method

The Note 9 will be one of the 1st Samsung gadgets to get Android 10 update; there is no uncertainty on that front. The Android 10 update will come bested with One UI 2.0, which may include highlights of its own, as well.

In any case, it will pursue the arrival of Android 10 update for Galaxy S10 sets and Note ten games, because those two will be the first two gadgets to get Android 10. That is not awful, in any case.

Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 beta

  • Android 10 beta is thought to be released on November 2019

While Samsung kept beta program constrained to the most recent Galaxy S lead just till Galaxy Android Oreo, it took off the beta program for upwards of four gadgets on account of Pie update a year ago. These gadgets were the last two leaders in the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S arrangement, which were S9, S8 at that point.

On the off chance that Samsung pursues a similar suit, at that point, it could declare Android 10 beta program for Note 9, as well.

Update [September 19, 2019]:

There is gossip circumventing that Samsung would discharge S10 handsets in the US by September end, and in Europe and Asia, toward the beginning of October. That is around 1-2 months sooner than Android Pie beta rollout a year ago, which means we can seek after faster arrival of Android 10 beta for the Note 9 as well.

Given that, we would bet the Galaxy Note 9 can have its own Android 10 beta update taking off before November end even, a great two months sooner than expected (given Pie beta rollout for Note 8).

At the point when will Note 9 get Android 10 update

  • Discharge date yet to be reported by Samsung
  • Assessed to take off in December 2020 for the worldwide variation
  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, also Verizon, and US Cellular could get in March-April 2020

Here is a table that demonstrates the regular discharge date of Note 9 Android 10 update for different models.

Galaxy Note 9 Models

Android 10 Release Dates [One UI 2.0]

Global variantDec2019
AT&TJan 2020
SprintJan 2020
T-MobileFeb 2020
VerizonJan 2020
The US UnlockedFeb 2020

New highlights in Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 update

Galaxy Note 9 will get its Android 10 update as One UI 2.0 programming, Samsung custom skin on stock Android OS. Subsequently, the gadget won’t just get new highlights from Android 10, yet it will get some new highlights from Samsung in One UI 2.0 alongside minor UI changes more than One UI.

Google’s Android 10 update packs some incredible new, valuable highlights like Dark mode, improved Gestures route, better-enhanced Sharing menu, Live inscription, Bubbles, better Permissions the executives sharing list, Live caption, Bubbles, better Permissions management, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Galaxy system Note 9 One UI 2.0 updates

  • One UI 2.0 of Samsung Android 10
  • One UI 2.0 will likewise bring a couple of new highlights of its own
  • Major UI redo isn’t normal

Samsung’s One UI custom skin was propelled as a significant aspect of its Android Pie fabricate. It was later developed to One UI 1.1 when the Galaxy S10 was moved, and with Android 10, the skin will be refreshed to One UI 2.0.

In this way, as One UI 2.0 is a piece of the Android 10 updates, the user will get the new UI when you get Android 10. Likewise, be a piece of the beta form of Samsung’s Android 10 updates. Allude to the Android 10 discharge date outline above to know when you will get One UI 2.0 updates on your Galaxy Note 9.

Aug 23, 2019 Update:

One UI 2.0 got spilled on the web today, appeared in a video running on Galaxy S10+. So if a user needs to comprehend what it resembles, click here. One UI 2.0 doesn’t highlight major UI changes however it will bring a couple of new highlights like Link to Windows, local Screen Recorder, improved Gestures Navigation, new UI in the Quick Settings board, and some more.

System Note 9 update timetable

Here’s a table of programming refreshes for the different models of Note 9, including the Global model, also those at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in the US.

Global Note 9

Worldwide Note 9 will be the main variation of the considerable number of changes to get both the steady and beta rendition of Android 10 update. Once Samsung has discharged the One UI 2.0-toting Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 sets, it ought to make the equivalent accessible for Note 9 clients in a month. In that capacity, the Android 10 beta for Note 9 ought to be out in January 2020, while stable adaptation is healthy in February 2020.

Release dateSoftware version
19 Aug 2019N960FXXU3CSI3  September 2019 security
09 Aug 2019N960FXXS3CSG5 Aug 2019 security patch
10 Jul 2019N960FXXS3CSG1  July 2019 s patch (also rolling out as version
17 Jun 2019 June 2019 security update that includes a dedicated Night Mode for the camera app,  stability
30 Apr 2019 The camera app now has toggles for changing between test (68 degrees) when using selfies. The update also delivers support for recording Night Mode UI, wherever GPS will improve the device automatically set on the dark theme at night
12 Apr 2019N960FXXS2CSD2 April 2019 security patch
12 Mar 2019 March 2019 security patch
11 Jan 2019 It has second Android Pie update for Note 9; also Improves camera quality concerning the brightness of faces in poorly lit conditions
04 Jan 2019N960FXXU2CRLT — Stable Android 9 Pie updates for the design; brings new features like Digital Wellbeing, App Actions,
17 Dec 2018 December 2018 security patch
04 Dec 2018 iPhone UI beta based on Android 9 Pie
13 Nov 2018
 November 2018 security update
26 Oct 2018 October 2018 security update
12 Oct 2018The same changelog as the former ARI9 update, at most inadequate for those who hadn’t got the camera updates. Still on September 2018 security patch
28 Sep 2018 Improves camera picture quality, the good brightness of faces, Day/Night HDR control accuracy
12 Sep 2018 September 2018 security patch
24 Aug 2018 August 2018 security patch

AT&T Note 9

AT&T Note 9 will get Android 10 beta and stable update

Release datesSoftware versions
18 Sep 2019September 2019 security patch
23 Aug 2019 August 2019 security patch
06 Aug 2019 July 2019 security patch; more joins Night mode in the camera app and RCS flotation
09 Jul 2019June 2019 security patch
22 May 2019 May 2019 security patch
16 Apr 2019N960USQS1CSD1 April 2019 security patch
31 Jan 2019
N960USQU1CSAA Introduces Android 9 Pie update with the new One UI custom layout
15 Jan 2019N960USQS1ARL2  December 2018 security patch
16 Nov 2018N960USQS1ARJA November 2018 security patch
06 Nov 2018N960USQU1ARJ7 October 2018 security patch, network performance improvements, camera enhancements, stability improvements,
21 Sep 2018N960USQS1ARI5  September 2018 security
24 Aug 2018N960USQU1ARH4
16 Oct 2018N960USQU1ARG6

Sprint Note 9

Android 10 for Sprint Note 9 is relied upon to be discharged on March 2020, most likely after it’s been out for AT&T and Verizon models if history is any sign. The gadget may not get Android 10 beta.

Release dateSoftware version  Changelog
19 Aug 2019N960USQS2CSGB  August 2019 security patch; also adds Night mode in the camera app
11 Aug 2019N960USQU2CSGA  July 2019 security patch
27 Jun 2019N960USQS1CSF2 June 2019 security patch
17 Jun 2019N960USQU1CSE3  May 2019 security patch
17 Apr 2019N960USQS1CSD1  April 2019 security patch
24 Mar 2019N960USQU1CSC1  March 2019 security patch
04 Mar 2019
N960USQU1CSB3  February 2019 security patch and bug fixes
04 Feb 2019N960USQU1CSAA  Installs Android 9 Pie update with the new One UI custom layout and January 2019 security patch
06 Jan 2019
N960USQU1ARL1  December 2018 security patch
14 Nov 2018N960USQS1ARJ9  November 2018 security patch
28 Oct 2018N960USQU1ARJ5 October 2018 security patch
18 Sep 2018N960USQS1ARH6  September 2018 security update
24 Aug 2018N960USQU1ARH4  August 2018 security patch
16 Aug 2018N960USQU1ARH2 Pre-installed

T-Mobile Note 9

T-Mobile Note 9 ought to get Android 10 update using OTA at some point in March 2020. However, it would get the Android 10 beta OTA first in January 2020.

Release dateSoftware version
19 Aug 2019N960USQS2CSGB Aug 2019 security patch
12 Aug 2019 July 2019 security patch; Dedicated Night mode
24 Jun 2019N960USQS1CSF1  June 2019 security patch
19 Apr 2019N960USQS1CSD1  April 2019 security patch
14 Mar 2019N960USQU1CSC1 March 2019 security patch
01 Mar 2019
  The Android 9 Pie update with One UI, not possible for all the users yet
06 Jan 2019 December 2018 camera bug fixes, and overall system improvements
22 Nov 2018 November 2018 security patch and usual bug fixes and optimizations
13 Nov 2018N960USQU1ARJ8  October 2018 security patch, camera bug fixes
20 Sep 2018 September 2018 security update
24 Aug 2018August 2018 security patch
16 Aug 2018 Pre-installed

Verizon Note 9

We anticipate that the Verizon’s Note 9 should get Android 10 at some point in March 2020, however it will get the beta update first in January 2020.

Release dateSoftware version
26 Sep 2019N960USQU2CSI1  September 2019 security patch
23 Aug 2019N960USQS2CSGB  August 2019 security patch
02 Aug 2019N960USQU2CSGA  July 2019 security patch; Also, adds Night Mode in the camera app and QR scanner feature
30 Jun 2019N960USQS1CSF3  June 2019 security patch
19 Jun 2019N960USQU1CSE5  May 2019 security patch
15 Apr 2019N960USQS1CSD1  April 2019 security update
28 Mar 2019N960USQU1CSC1  March 2019 security patch
12 Mar 2019  Android 9 Pie update and February 2019 security patch
04 Jan 2019N960USQU1ARL1  December 2018 security patch
13 Nov 2018N960USQS1ARJ9 November 2018 security patch
25 Oct 2018N960USQU1ARJ5  October 2018 security patch
18 Sep 2018N960USQS1ARH6  September 2o18 security patch
17 Aug 2018N960USQU1ARH2  August 2018 security patch

September update

  • Accessible for AT&T, Verizon and US Unlocked (adaptation CSI1)
  • Likewise available for Global model (adaptation CSI3)
  • Not accessible for Sprint and T-Mobile models

August update

Here’s the status of updates conveying August first, 2019 security fix:

  • Available for every one of the models

If it’s not much trouble check course of events table above to discover the product adaptation of the updates.

July update

Here’s the status of July 2019 security fix update:

  • Accessible for every one of the models

It will be ideal if you check the course of events table above to discover the product adaptation of the updates.

June update

Here’s the status of June first, 2019 security fix update:

  • Accessible for every one of the models

It is ideal if you check the course of events table above to discover the product variant of the update.

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Night Mode updates

Here’s a view of which Galaxy Note 9 devices have gotten the product update that gets the Night mode the camera application.

  • Accessible on every one of the models including Global, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Unlocked


We can say that it will have a lot of features. That will increase the performance of Samsung note 9 . The latest update for note 9 will coe in November. After the updated user can easily use night mode and also dark mode. The updates will be different for different mobile variants.

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